Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There Has Been a Short Delay

Been a while since the last posting, but it's not for lack of working! Sesame Street has been pretty busy the past few weeks, and our weekends lately have generally been experienced as bright blurry things whizzing past us. I've also been building up a back catalog of sketches in preparation for a new sketchbook I hope to have printed by early next January! I'll be posting a few teasers here and thee in the next couple of months, but there's going to be a lot of stuff I'm keeping exclusive for the book. In the meantime here's stuff from the past two life drawing sketches.

Last week to change things up I tried sketching with just the flat of the pencil. I like how it helped me loosen up and focus on the motion of the figure. There's quite a different feeling between last week's sketches and the ones before. I've also just about finished with the little watercolor sketchbook! I'll be trying something new starting next session.

Poses 1-5 minutes.

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