Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post-Comic-Con Post!

An elderly lady with a cool hat at Starbucks.

So apologies to everyone and anyone reading this, my blog is still in its infant stages and is still sadly under-populated by artwork. More is coming! I promise! I'll try to post new work every other day.

A whole sketchbook page of funny faces.

Comic Con was a blast. I saw a lot of old friends from SCAD, and I met a whole slew of new cool people. I didn't get to hand out as many business cards as I would've liked, but they didn't arrive until Saturday afternoon. The Watchmen panel was exciting and Kevin Smith's
Zach and Miri Make a Porno panel was hysterical. It's strange that the man himself is often more funny than the movies he makes. Other people I talked to/bought things from were Dean Yeagle, Stan Sakai, Tim Sale, Stephen Silver, Andy Runton, David Colman, Michael Daley, and Bruce Campbell sat at the table next to ours at Xavier's. I wanted to say hi again to Chris Sanders again but his table was super crowded every time I went over there. But I did manage to pick up his book Kiskaloo and it is definitely my favorite thing that I picked up at the con this year.
From the ASIFA model sessions.

All in all, it was nice to get away from Speed Racer for a little while, even though it started right back up again Monday. Today I think I drew the best pose I've ever done this entire series. Wish I could post it, but it hasn't aired yet!

In other news I'm starting work on two brand-new Cole Petticoat, P.I. for the web. I'll keep everyone updated when the first short goes online! Also I'll be posting various designs and things as I finish them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Logo Design - Rough

Pencils for the eventual design of this blog's logo.

At The Zoo

Studies from the Bronx and National Zoos.

ASIFA Pose Sessions #4

More from the ASIFA sketchbook. All poses are 1-5 minutes.

ASIFA Pose Sessions #3

ASIFA Pose Sessions #2

ASIFA sessions

ASIFA Pose Sessions #1

These are one to five minute poses from my weekly figure drawing session.

The Beginning!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my brand new sketch blog. I just set this up right before San Diego Comic Con, so I'm still in the process of uploading content and design changes. When I get everything in order, I'll be posting new entries on a semi-daily basis. In the meantime, here's a few samples from my most recent sketchbook.