Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ah Ah Ah!

Approaching nearly a whole year working for Sesame Workshop, and it's been such a great and unexpected experience. As a life-long Henson fan it's been a joy to work with these characters every day, and now as I see everything coming together I'm humbled by the scope of it. It's still a shock to see my work on all the finished projects. Sometimes I forget that I'm actually drawing these guys for a reason and not just because it's so much fun. I'm grateful for the team that

Anyway good ol' Count von Count is one of my favorite characters and he's one that I don't get to work with too much, so share and enjoy! I might try my hand at some more Muppets that don't come my way too often, depending on how much people would like to see them.

GigaCon 2011 was such a great time. The con itself started to grow and I'm excited to see how it progresses. My storyboarding lecture seemed to go over reasonably well despite some initial technical difficulties, and the sketchbooks turned out really nice. The highlight of the con though was getting to meet and hang out with all the fantastic guests. Thanks guys for some of the most fun conversations I've had in a long time.

Sketchbook Vol. 2 will soon be available to purchase on this site! Stay tuned for details!

My posting has slowed down a little in the past few months, but I have a bunch of new posts lined up.

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