Friday, June 11, 2010

Free-Form Doodling

I haven't really done that much drawing for myself the past few months. With the wedding, working two gigs, and foolishly purchasing the time sink that is Red Dead Redemption I haven't given myself the time to just sit and draw (with a real pencil!) for the hell of it. This weekend I'm going to force myself out of the rut. I'll be taking an animal drawing workshop with Joe Weatherly--I only hope it doesn't rain! I've started just free-form doodling to loosen up. I'm not even thinking, just letting the pencil sort make shapes and then following them to their conclusion, or lack thereof. Here's what the pencil decided to make from two of my sketchbook pages last night. What the hell is that little Gumby-type character?

I might post some more loosen-up exercises tonight.

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