Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Website Roughs

Been a drawing fool lately. Working on a number of concept sketches. These are fairly large-scale sketches.

Sheila at her desk.

Office front door.

Petticoat setting up a free-throw during his run with the 1986 Washington Bullets.

Rough -- soon to be fully inked.

I still have a few proportion issues to work out before I put it to the brush.

I have a few more sketches in the works. I'll post them soon. I've also started work on character sketches for a new Doc Flamingo comic with my friend Andrew Pearson. I will post those once I finish all the Petticoat concept sketches.

Cole Petticoat is copyright of Hamilton Craig.

1 comment:

Geans said...

These are great! The Bullets?! Hooray!