Friday, August 29, 2008

Kevin Burkhalter's 24-Hour Challenge!

For Kevin's Journal Comic. Please go read it. It is very great. For some reason there are zombies in it.

The challenge was issued over 24 hours, but I only had an hour to spend on it. I'm on a bus to VA tomorrow!

To Step 2

Both of the animatics are finished. It took me longer than I'd anticipated, but I'm happy with them. These are the first things I've directed after a year of working for other people.

Next step is to rebuild Petticoat's model pack in Flash. After that I can turn some shots over to Maasa and Chris so they can start animating while I work on the other models, prop, and backgrounds.

I can't wait to finish these and get them on the web for everybody.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Laziness and Final Fantasy IV

Last ASIFA Model Session for the summer

I let a two day lax turn into two weeks of non-posting. In the meantime I finished out the ASIFA session, mixed guacamole on a Brooklyn rooftop, saw the Dark Knight IMAX, ate at a churrascaria, did karaoke twice, went to the beach, got a splotchy sunburn, and had a milkshake.

I've locked the first new Petticoat animatic, and am hoping to have the second one finished in the next few days.

Screen shots from Cole Petticoat, P.I. Episode 2

Monday, August 11, 2008

Petticoat Day 1

Cole Petticoat is a copyright of Hamilton Craig.

Started work on the new Petticoat shorts today (my first day on hiatus from AC). This week my goal is to get thumbnail storyboards, preliminary character designs, and background sketches out of the way so I can get to work on the animatics. I'm taking a new approach to the backgrounds. These shorts will make more use of depth and space than the original short. More progress reports soon!

I went to last week's ASIFA session, but after an hour of trying to capture the model my mind I got distracted by my fancy new brush pen and started thinking about turtles.

My blog logo experienced another setback this weekend when I foolishly believed that I remembered how to watercolor. Now the original has been destroyed and it's forced me to teach myself Painter in order to finish it. Hope to have it ready soon!

I finally bought Freakazoid on dvd. Bliss!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pants Weather Croc

Inks for the soon-to-be logo for this journal. I would have been at this stage sooner, but I smartly managed to spill half a bottle of ink over the original pencils. A nice side-effect about working in animation is suddenly being able to draw the same things over and over again. Next I'm going to paint it and arrange it all pretty with the words. I haven't done watercolors for a few months now, but it'll be nice training for the new Petticoat backgrounds I'll have to paint.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ASIFA Pose Sessions #5

A few from last week's session and the session before Comic Con. Col-erase pencil and brush-pen.

Next weekend I start design work for the new Petticoat shorts. Storyboard/animatics follow.

One more week of Speed Racer.